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 ICS has been supplying jails and other institutions for over twenty years.  Our policy is to stand behind our merchandise 100%.  If you should have any problems when receiving your merchandise, give one of our representatives a call using our toll free number:  1-800-524-5427.  If your merchandise is delivered using a major freight carrier, please fully check and count your packages before you sign for them.  Always count the number of pieces you receive.  DO NOT RELY on the driver’s count.  Always sign the Delivery receipt for the actual number of pieces received .  Sign your full name, no initials, the date the material was received and the condition the material was in.  On fragile items you have the right to open and inspect your goods before signing for them.  If the driver is reluctant to allow this inspection, you can sign with “goods damaged” written on the freight bill. If necessary you are welcome to call the shipping company or ICS while the driver waits.  If there should be a problem with the merchandise received, please note any damage or loss on the bill of lading.  We highly stress doing this because if you sign for merchandise without making any notations of your shipment being damaged or a package missing, the freight companies are released from liability of freight claims.